Geelong 24-hour emergency security and shutter service

Is your business or home vulnerable because of a broken windows or glass doors from a break-in or accident? Hume Protection Group has a 24-hour emergency shutter service where our trained technician can arrive promptly to repair the damage so it is fixed before further problems arise.

Glass and property can be damaged at all hours because of break-ins, ram-raids, vehicle accidents, fire damage, vandalism or even a storm. This is where we arrive and tend to the problem in the most appropriate way to ensure your premises are safe.

At Hume Protection Group our aim is to:

  • respond as quickly as possible
  • assess the situation and offer the best solution
  • implement a safety plan and clean the area if necessary
  • install a temporary shutter and repair the damage if possible
  • leave the site safe and secure.

Call us for our 24-hour emergency shutter service on 1800 806 822.

When the unforeseen occurs, we aim to make sure you minimize the risk of any further damage. At Hume Protection Group we also provide a Geelong alarm monitoring and alarm system installation service.