Geelong security guards

A security guard is a viable alternative for some businesses to ensure 24-hour safety of your premises. At Hume Protection Group we provide security guards to ensure your premises is inspected and protected.

Our Geelong security guards are highly experienced and professionally trained in protecting your property. We ensure our security guards are an ideal match for your business to reflect the image and standards of your particular industry.

All security guards are equipped with the latest technology as part of their security. We can provide security guards either on casual or permanent basis depending on your requirements. Our security guards can be hired as part of a mobile patrol to protect against possible theft, illegal entry or vandalism as well as report any unusual behavior or activity.

Services our security guards provide include:

  • party and event security guards
  • construction site guards
  • emergency guards
  • casual guards
  • ATM guards
  • uniformed guards.

Security patrol officer

Hume Protection Group can provide a security officer who can respond to an alarm alert.

Our Geelong security officer will take all reasonable steps in a bid to ensure:

  • the site is secure and all entry points are secured and locked
  • the premises is not endangered through fire, water or storm damage
  • the site perimeters are secure
  • no unauthorized person has entered the site.

Talk to us at Hume Protection Group for more information about our Geelong security services. We can provide all your commercial security and domestic including alarm monitoring and alarm systems installation. Contact us for more information.