Geelong corporate security services

Providing professional, reliable and qualified Geelong security solutions is our aim at Hume Protection Group. We provide a range of security services throughout the region so businesses and homes can rest assured there premises, property or person is safe.

For more information or advice on any of our security services call us at Hume Protection Group on 1800 806 822.

Security Guards

A security guard is a viable alternative for some businesses to ensure 24-hour safety of your premises. At Hume Protection Group we provide security guards to ensure your premises is inspected and protected. Our Geelong security guards are highly experienced and professionally trained in protecting your property. We ensure our security guards are an ideal...
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Event Security

Hosting a party at home for an 18th birthday or 21st – or any similar celebration – can unfortunately rapidly grow out of control if unwanted guests arrive. This can happen to the most innocent of parties and it is best to avoid any potential of gatecrashers by hiring a professional security service. Hume Protection...
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Mobile Patrols

Mobile security patrols are a unique security service that include alarm responses, parking control and physical inspection of your premises all carried out after hours. A mobile patrol provides an effective deterrent to criminals as it is a visible physical obstacle to unauthorised people entering your premises and ensures your property is kept safe and...
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Cash in Transit Services

Hume Protection Group offer cash-in-transit armed services in Geelong and surrounding areas. We offer: cash pick ups cash deliveries ATM’s gaming services for cash pick ups and drop offs for pubs and clubs bank services events and private services. For more information please call us on 03 5222 5844, 1800 806 822 or email us.

Alarm Installation

Installing an alarm is a necessity for any business and many homes to ensure peace of mind if the worst happens and there is an attempted entry by unauthorized people, a fire, or damage of any kind. Correct alarm installation is vital so you know your alarm is failsafe and working when you need it...
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Alarm Monitoring

Alarm monitoring is an important part of delivering the best quality service available. Hume Protection Group work with a licensed monitoring company, which gives us the edge on other service providers as it means we provide a fast and effective alarm response in protecting and monitoring your business or home. Hume Protection Group also provides alarm...
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24 Hour Monitoring Shutter Service

Is your business or home vulnerable because of a broken windows or glass doors from a break-in or accident? Hume Protection Group has a 24-hour emergency shutter service where our trained technician can arrive promptly to repair the damage so it is fixed before further problems arise. Glass and property can be damaged at all...
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Security Training

At Hume Protection Group, we take great pride in providing professional and qualified Geelong security services to keep your home or business safe. Integrity is our standard. Accredited Security Officer Training programs are offered through a credited Nationally Accredited Training Organisation where we hold regular classes covering in all aspects of security. These courses are not...
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