Mobile patrols in Geelong

Mobile security patrols are a unique security service that include alarm responses, parking control and physical inspection of your premises all carried out after hours. A mobile patrol provides an effective deterrent to criminals as it is a visible physical obstacle to unauthorised people entering your premises and ensures your property is kept safe and secure.

Mobile patrols can be an ideal solution when you’re looking for Geelong corporate security yet do not have alternative security measures or only alarm monitoring. Far too many businesses sacrifice security because of cost, yet at Hume Protection Group we have a comprehensive and cost-effective option that allows neighbouring businesses to share resources and create a secure environment.

A major advantage of mobile patrols is they are conducted at irregular intervals and varying times so a regular pattern is not established for criminals to detect.

Depending on your particular security circumstances and requirements, a mobile patrol service is a cost-effective way of having a physical presence on-site for commercial security.

Hume Protection Group offers mobile patrols with a service that includes:

  • opening and closing of buildings on your premises
  • full internal inspections of all buildings
  • external inspections of all buildings including grounds and fence lines
  • reports of any damage, graffiti or activity
  • staff welfare checks
  • staff escorts
  • inspection of machinery.

Talk to our professional and friendly staff at Hume Protection Group for all your commercial or Geelong corporate security requirements. We also provide security guards and event security as part of our service.