The importance of qualified security guards for business

August 21, 2015

The importance of hiring qualified, thoroughly-trained security guards for your Geelong business should not be underestimated. Unfortunately not all security companies are created equal and not all guards are required to meet the same standards.

In addition to our regular and loyal customers, we’ve had a number of additional businesses call upon Hume Protection Group’s qualified security guards in Geelong to provide protective services. In some instances there has been a guard on duty, but the guard has either not had the experience or resources to deal with the situation adequately or has not been able to be found!

What’s important for your business is that the guard on duty or the guard that you call upon, shows up and eliminates the risk to your staff and goods. While showing up is a good start, it’s not enough just to be there. If the guard hasn’t had the necessary training to deal with tricky situations then the problem for your business is likely to worsen or recur.

Our guards undergo thorough training and must complete the relevant courses to work for us. As such we’re proud of our reputation to not only show up fast, but eliminate risk and manage future recurrences. Contact us for more information about how we can help your business today.